Boyz II Men and Men Without Hats and a Pop Music Daffynition


Motown’s Boyz II Men are a 1990’s R & B singing quartet from Philadelphia, known best for their crooning and a cappella harmonies. Their hits include “MotownPhilly”, “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday”, “End Of The Road”, “I’ll Make Love To You”, and “So Gassy Girl”.

They should have realized they were not going to be around for too long calling themselves Boyz II Men, they needed a band name with greater scope. I’d like to suggest the name, Boyz II Men II Retirement II Death.

In 1982, Men Without Hats found success with “The Safety Dance”. Five years later, this Canadian band of Canuckleheads lucked out with another hit, “Pop Goes The World”, preventing them from being just another one hit wonder. My brevity should be indicative of how I feel about them. In case you are missing the point, they suck.

Boyz II Men Without Hats

/boiz/ /too/ /men/ /we/’thaowt/ /hatz/


fusion of two forms of “art” creating a new breed of nothingness bordering utter garbage

synonyms: still stupid, pointless, Chickenfoot (The band featuring Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.)

“Talk about out there, The Beatle Baileys are today’s Boyz II Men Without Hats; they are a Beatles/Pearl Bailey cover band, and they wear army fatigues.”

2011 men without hats.jpg

Men Without Hats in 2011, false advertising.

“The Boyz II Men Without Hats tour was the most blatant cash grab we may have experienced in our lifetime. If we were older, it would be like the rarely spoken about Lincoln-Douglas rematch debate tour of 1859.”

#BoyzIIMen’sUnderPressureSamplesFunkyPresident(PeopleIt’sBad), #SoDoesBoyzIIMen’sDifferentWorld

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