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I am a native of Chicagoland. I am old enough to know better. I am good with that.

“We Belong To Baba O’Riley” by THE WHO Vs. PAT BENATAR

The Who - Benatar
“Imperfection is a sign of humanity,” the cobbler said, as he resoled a shoe using inferior nails and terrible glue that suspiciously smelled like watermelon flavored Jolly Ranchers.

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Please Don’t Make Me Use My Black Voice


Little did the couple realize, their argument will always be nothing compared to a sunrise.

It has come to my attention that crack is whack or crack is wack, and the first question that comes to mind is: what does that even mean? In order to sum up a reasonable definition, it would be best to define each word of the phrase in the context of 1986, when Keith Haring debuted the mural, “Crack Is Wack”.


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An Untold Tale Of Aguaman


Even with an obvious mustache, people confused Aguaman with Aquaman. This had to change.

Aguaman, not to be confused with the slightly more popular, Aquaman, was on the brink of a tantrum. He was in a meeting with Makeover Schlatz & Sons 2.0™, a P.R. firm known only for their untimely destruction of Mayor McCheese® and the accidental birth and branding of Chester Cheetah™. He wanted a new identity, one not associated with being called Mexico’s Aquaman. In fact, he wanted Aquaman to be called the American Aguaman.

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“Flesh And Blood In A Jesus Christ Pose” by SOUNDGARDEN Vs. JOHNNY CASH

Cash - Soundgarden
Ruth Gold was having an epic shitty night. It was evident in the trail of absolute destruction she left behind her. Here’s the darnedest thing, she had no clue to what was setting her off. By the way, this is what crack cocaine does to the mind, which is why crack is whack, yo.

And now, for your listening entertainment, a mash up.

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