Of Course, This Happened


In times of normalcy, the slap and the following consequences seen around the world, except North America, would be so out of the ordinary our heads would be spinning well into next month. But in our current stance of bat shit crazy, the real concern is: What took so long?

I don’t think I’ve ever said anything this truthful in my entire adult life: Celebrity behavior is outrageous.

Back in the day, December 13, 2017, I mini-ranted on the topic of Jada Pinkett Smith’s obsessive pursuit of the “award”. It was abhorrent then, more so today.

There are at least four ways to increase your chances to earn the Best Actor Academy Award. You can earn it old school by being a damn good actor.

Let’s face it, it’s the 21st century and that’s not going to happen. You can have your agent find you a good role in which you can be handicapped; be gay; be mean and angry, possibly racist; be mentally special; be the nationality of the month or be a combination of any of these traits.

Four years and some months later, congratulations to the Smith family for finding the formula.

It is sad that the Smith family cannot find happiness with their wealth and fame. It is because they no longer perceive themselves through real eyes. Their vision is tainted with opulence and Scientology. They have built a house of lies on a house of wet cards.

I suppose at a certain point, Will Smith starts to thinking out loud: “Okay, I have an Emmy. Who doesn’t? That’s right, DJ Jazzy Jeff doesn’t. Ha! A Grammy… so how do I get the Oscar and Tony?”

Jada responds, “We will petition and rattle our jewelry until we are fully recognized.”

To which, Will responds, “Yeah.”

I am old enough to remember a self-proclaimed billionaire who was really, at best, a padded thousandaire on a good day, who found himself at a major crossroad. Continue the descent of a reality-tv career or become the President of the United States of America.

The ultimate question is why did this happen? Is this an event set forward by the Orange Fatwad? Why does this all seem so normal? Why are we not surprised by this? The answer is simpler than it needs to be. It is because Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are assholes.

Will Smith received 40 million dollars to make the movie “King Richard”.

Around Town With Reginald The Cat®

Around Town-Reginald

I had dinner the other night with a North Korean couple, I was surprised to learn that dog tastes nothing like chicken. Illustration ©1992 Jay Lynch

Hey humes, sorry for the lapse, but sometimes a cat has to lay low, something about hate gambling against a certain New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Now that the asshole is out of the bag, as in Robert Kraft requesting a jury trial instead of admitting guilt to two counts of soliciting prostitution. There is allegedly video to support his engagement with hookers. This is rich white man logic. As a neuter survivor, I feel it is within my rights to say, Neuter that son of a bitch Kraft! It’s time for equal time for the crime regardless of how much money you have. But I know how your broken society works. In one ear, a vacuous nod, out the other, a hand reaches out until it is filled with money. If the hand remains empty, the poorest person goes to jail for a very long time. Sucks to be you, right?


Disclaimer: The viewpoints expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions, viewpoints and official policies of sungmokoo.com. After all, it’s a God damn cat drawing.

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The State Of The Union: Meh


“Not many people know this, but Paris is no longer Paris. An economic miracle is taking place in the United States — and the only thing that can stop it are foolish wars, politics, or ridiculous partisan investigations.
If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation. It just doesn’t work that way!”

As a curious American, I watched the State of the Union, starring Trump as a feeble bumbling racist landlord miraculously turned into the President of the United States. It was as lame as the Super Bowl a few nights ago, starring the overexposed New England Patriots, the inexperienced L.A. Rams and the lucky to be a thing, Maroon 5. In short, a bad week for television and it’s only Tuesday.

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