“Thinking Out Loud At The Hotel California” by ED SHEERAN Vs. EAGLES

Sheeran - Eagles
If I were the current president of the United States, Daffy Donald Trump, I would have my “people” (both of them) invent a stand-in robot to take the blame for everything he needs to apologize for, and there are many things, way too many. Of course, the ultimate downfall is: the robot will prove to have more empathy and end up being a much better leader. Ask Lester Holt.

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“The Middle Thinking Out Loud” by ED SHEERAN Vs. JIMMY EAT WORLD

Jimmy Eat World - Ed Sheeran

Current president of the United States, Dim Donald Trump, not his Chinese counterpart, Dim Sum, is currently in Singapore negotiating with current dictator of North Korea, Clean Kim Jong-Un. I imagine two dogs intensely sniffing each others assholes for a minute, before the one with orange skin walks away, because he does not smell seriousness. The other one, with Caucasian-challenged eyes, is thankful he brought his personal toilet.

In the meantime, there is this mash up.

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