Maneater Thinking Out Loud Part 2

Maneater Animation
The following happened in a far more gentle and innocent time, before the death of irony (Thank you very much, ill-informed Alanis Morissette), before the death of truth, before “collusional” (street slang combining collusion and delusional) presidents, before apparent fake media, and before 9/11. Most importantly, before my divorce.

This is not to say that it was a golden age, far from it. There was still poverty, pestilence and mass murderers.

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“Human Nature Thinking Out Loud” by MICHAEL JACKSON Vs. ED SHEERAN

Jackson - Sheeran
It appears that America is going to hell in a handbasket, thanks to current president of the United States, “Drip-Dry” Donald Trump. We are forced to learn that democracy and due process is painstakingly slower than a 72-year old crazy reality television dotard with a big uncouth mouth and ludicrous hair backed by sinister puppet master, Vladimir “Poo Smirk” Putin.

And now, a mash up.

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“Thinking Out Loud At The Hotel California” by ED SHEERAN Vs. EAGLES

Sheeran - Eagles
If I were the current president of the United States, Daffy Donald Trump, I would have my “people” (both of them) invent a stand-in robot to take the blame for everything he needs to apologize for, and there are many things, way too many. Of course, the ultimate downfall is: the robot will prove to have more empathy and end up being a much better leader. Ask Lester Holt.

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