“Who You Gonna Call? Encore!” by JAY-Z Vs. RAY PARKER JR.


Here’s something atmospheric, and it’s not the girth of Alfred Hitchcock’s misogyny. (If he were alive today, the press and public would not be kind to him.) It’s a mash up I should have posted on Halloween. Jay-Z meets Ray Parker Jr. with “Who You Gonna Call? Encore!” or grammatically correct, “Who Are You Going To Call? Encore!”.

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“December 4th Is The Female Of The Species” by JAY-Z Vs. SPACE


In 1996, a band from Liverpool called Space enjoyed success with the single, “Female Of The Species”. Like a scrambled egg on a hot sidewalk, their success was very brief.

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Sundance Kid Interlude by BURT BACHARACH Vs. JAY-Z


I am a humongous Burt Bacharach fan. His music has greatly influenced me since I was a wee child. It is with much gratitude that I present “Sundance Kid Interlude”. If you’ve never heard the soundtrack to Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, I highly recommend it.

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