“Finder’s Keepers Medley” by MANY ARTISTS Vs. CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD

Finders Keepers Medley
You take an obscure instrumental by ’70s soul act, Chairmen Of The Board, and then you take snippets of other songs, and now you have a mash up medley.

Now, that mash up.

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Nirvana - PHJB
Christmas is one week away. Have you been naughty? Have you been nice? Are you already tired of Christmas music? Would you like to talk to your peers about how overrated turkey is? Are you going to be merry?

This mash up should answer all those questions.

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“Easy Like Teen Spirit” by NIRVANA VS. COMMODORES

Nirvana - Commodores

I remember when days actually felt like 24 hours. Not like today, when they seem like 17 to 18. I’m almost sure it’s a conspiracy, where “the man” is taking away hours at a time while we sleep, so it’s easier to mind control us. I also remember when Sunday mornings seemed more purple. I have a feeling that when you’re famous, none of this matters.

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