“Young And Beautiful And Safe From Harm” by LANA DEL REY Vs. MASSIVE ATTACK

Sungmokoo.com ushers in the new decade called 2020 with a mash up.

And now, said mash up.

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“West Coast Personal Jesus” by DEPECHE MODE Vs. LANA DEL REY

Depeche - Del Rey
People say that on the west coast, there’s a different word for everything, like a foreign language or something. They even have a hamburger called an In-N-Out. Crazy man, crazy.

And now, a mash up.

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“September Video Games” by LANA DEL REY Vs. EARTH WIND & FIRE

Lana - EWF
It must be a lot easier to live a guilt-free life when you have no empathy. Any person with a sense of dignity would never behave like this orange-skinned baboon. Let me retract that last comparison, baboons are smarter and take offense when pissed upon. I could say orange-skinned amoeba, considering their tiny brain capacity, but even the simple one-celled organism takes pride in how they present themselves.

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