“Dear Madam Barnum Medley” by VARIOUS ARTISTS VS. XTC

Barnum Medley
Eight recording groups against the pop trio, XTC in a medley.

Now, a mash up.

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“Dear Mr. Jones” by COUNTING CROWS Vs. XTC

XTC - Counting Crows
It’s always confounding as to whether or not you use “the” in front of a band’s name. That is the case for Counting Crows, XTC, Carpenters, Talking Heads, Eagles, Lemonheads (but not always), Pixies, Buzzcocks, and countless other pretentious bands. I’m not saying pretentious like it’s a bad thing, unless you think attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed is a bad thing.

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“Stupidly Happy Romeo” by BASEMENT JAXX Vs. XTC

XTC - Jaxx
This is another entry whence two songs, sometimes, three, four, five, rarely six, become one. The kids call it the mash up. In fact, I call it the mash up. Yet, I am not the kids.

I must confess, I am miffed by the absence of “Prompt Of The Day” from the host of this blog, WordPress.com. What the hell is up with that?

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