An Untold Tale Of Sgt. Rock®

Sgt. Rock.jpg

Where the damn hell am I? What the damn hell is this? The last thing I remember was fighting the dreaded Ratzis in France and ohhhh… Yeah, there was an explosion, followed by some crazy glowing dame taking me by the hand and yanking me into a freaking time portal. There’s my where and when, but what? What the damn hell is this?

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It’s A Wonderful Life, Mr. Potter


He could have led a more extravagant life if he really wanted to, but Mr. Potter was a miser through and through. His motto was simple: in order to retain wealth, one must retain wealth. You keep it, you horde it, because you never know what will come along. Finally, that opportunity of a lifetime came along. After months of nickel and dime-ing with shady Nazi businessmen, Mr. Potter acquired a pill that would allow him to live forever.

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