Fan Fiction with The Flintstones


Fred mumbled and grumbled as he tapped the spoon against the hard-boiled pterodactyl egg in front of him. His toe was still red and throbbing. “Damn newspaper boy and all the news fit to print on a stone tablet rassafrass, too old for this.” As he stretched, every bone in his body creaked. He slept on the front porch again last night, while the cat slept at the foot of the bed. His throat was sore from screaming Wilma all night. Apparently, Wilma is a sound sleeper. One day, he will figure it out, and save his voice.

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Fan Fiction with Aquaman: Requiem for Aquaman


This is the man called Aquaman. He was in the middle of his darkest day. No lie. I know this, because I have been burdened with the role of omniscient storyteller. In some circles, it would be comical for a man to be surrounded by eight dead bodies skewered through the head by swordfish. I can tell you this: Aquaman was pissed beyond words and at the same time terrified. This was a set up and he was being framed. But who? Who?

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Fan Fiction with McGruff, Garofalo, & Ruffalo™


And so it came to be, McGruff the Crime Dog™ known for taking a bite out of crime had fallen out of favor and out of a job. Representing crime prevention was a sweetheart deal, and with it, came a healthy lifestyle that unemployment was not going to support.

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Why Clark Kent?


Clark Kent/Superman showing off, as usual.

Let me make this perfectly clear. Superman is a big hunk of bunk. He is a bogus piece of garbage foreigner from the planet Krypton, the worst kind. He goes around and tells everyone that will listen that the reason he adopted a secret identity was to honor his Earth parents, Ma and Pa Kent.

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