Fortress Of Solitude Around Your Heart


“When is a key not a key?” asked The Lame Riddler. “When it’s an aircraft path marker.” answered The Lame Riddler. He hated answering his own riddles.

It was 1997. The city of Metropolis was under great duress. Brainiac had unleashed a deadly virus turning everything in its path to seaweed. To make things worse, Superman was missing.

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Oh, Do You Know The Marlboro Man®

The Marlboro Man When He Was A girl

The rarely seen Marlboro Man® when he was a girl.

It was 1974. The Marlboro Man® knew only two things. He had lung cancer and he was going to die alone. He only cared about the latter. He coughed up a gob of black mucous, presumably with pieces of his lungs, into his hand. He looked at it curiously before casually wiping it on the back pocket of his jeans.

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A Sensible Awakening


Surfing the internet is no longer just a pastime, it is a dangerous pastime. Trust me, you. In the same way drive by shootings has changed the rules of pedestrian safety, you could be at risk.

While eating a ham and swiss on rye with a splotch of mustard, surfing the internet on his laptop, Bruce Keys stumbled upon a website he had never seen before. It was uncanny. It did not take long to realize he had discovered the homepage.

It had the identical layout as YouTube®, but this was quite different. Each rectangle contained live-streaming content of what was happening everywhere and everywhen throughout many different alternate realities.

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The Legion Of Every Single Superhero

Camerawoman and the rest of the superheroes

Camerawoman and the rest of these superheroes were at the celebration. Source.

It was extravagant, bordering on excessive, but there would be no argument, it was much deserved. For the first time ever, the world experienced fifty straight days of peace thanks to the efforts of every single superhero.  The acting leader, Party Girl was quick to suggest a celebration. Cautious Kid wanted to interject, but honorary superhero, Smokey Robinson, was first to blurt out as well as sing in that distinctive ultra tenor, “I second that motion, baby.”

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