Batman Said

In recognition of National Batman Day celebrated every year on the third day of September, would like to pay homage to the introductions Batman would give before a story in reprint comics, so you, the reader could be woke.
batman intro

another batman intro

Batman here, speaking, you know, with my words, using dramatic inflections, cadence and such to convey a message, my message. Just like you, I put on my socks two or three at a time, and fight a never-ending battle against all injustice. Now that we are absolutely clear that we are of the same mindset, or on the same page, as you industrialists say, I bring you this dire warning.

A.B.D.! Always be ducking. Our infrastructure is beyond crippled, so it’s up to you to take watch out for yourself. The true evil lurks from the greedy politicians, and that is where my efforts are mostly concentrated. In the mean time, you, getting hit by a falling piece of highway or building is on you. Don’t exercise stupidity, for I do not have empathy for idiots.
batman talking to you

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