God Bless An America

“And that’s why this God damn fucking country is going straight to hell, especially when you shits think you can ridicule me by talking about me in a foreign language. That’s more cowardly than talking about me behind my back. As far as I’m concerned, you, all of you stinking f-holes can suck my uncircumcised dick, and then go back to your shithole country.”

Had Ray Sistler had bothered to keep his eyes open during his seventeen minute repetitive rant, he would have known his targeted audience left sixteen minutes ago. He cleared his throat and coughed as if to say he had spoken his mind, and thought to himself, my work is done here.

His eyes widened and he swallowed hard enough to make his Adam’s apple disappear, as a group of people who looked nothing like him approached carrying torches and pitchforks.

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