Maneater Thinking Out Loud Part 2

Maneater Animation
The following happened in a far more gentle and innocent time, before the death of irony (Thank you very much, ill-informed Alanis Morissette), before the death of truth, before “collusional” (street slang combining collusion and delusional) presidents, before apparent fake media, and before 9/11. Most importantly, before my divorce.

This is not to say that it was a golden age, far from it. There was still poverty, pestilence and mass murderers.

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Godzilla And The Tenor


Godzilla shows off by playing the dreaded and difficult barred B flat seventh chord.

A touring American tenor arrived in a small Japanese village. He claimed to be the greatest singer in the entire world. His mission was simple: to grace the villagers with his beautiful voice, in return for a meal fit for a king. Before proceeding further, it is imperative to point out that Japan does not accept such boastful words without merit, it needs to be earned, backed up. In short, prove it or lose it. With this, a competition was decreed to prove once and for all, who had the best singing voice.

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Dippity Zoo Zah Zay

Shutter speed study on a rotating ceiling fan

The ceiling fan can be as neutral as Switzerland, or as deadly as a shuriken. Use great caution when installing.

Have you ever woken up earlier than you needed to, only to discover one or more of your appendages are missing? Back where I come from, we call that a Dippity Zoo Zah Zay Day. Just to be clear, I shamefully come from America, once a proud country, now a country held hostage by current president, Drama Mama Donald Trump. #NotMyAmerica.

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Sick Tales Of Ichthyology


The other school shooting.

As far as catfish went, Renfroe was, hands down, ugly, uglier, ugliest. Please do not get me started, but when it was born, the rest of the fish invented a shared language so they could talk about enforced abortion. To put things into context, it was the only word all fish could agree on.

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