Food For Thought


Adding cheese to the hamburger became a thing in the late-1920s to mid-1930s, adding a Chilean sea bass to the hamburger has not yet been invented.

The cheeseburger did not have a chance. Not in the hands of that hungry man. Deep down, it knew it was its own damn fault for smelling so good, and oh my God, for being so juicy. If it didn’t do something drastic, it would surely end up in that man’s mouth, and ultimately his stomach, only to be transformed into vomit or poo.

The cheeseburger’s survival instinct kicked in. It yelped, “Hey dude, you don’t want to eat me.”

The man stopped, the cheeseburger continued, “I am more than just food. I am a mayor.”

It wasn’t enough. The man proceeded to eat the cheeseburger in three bites. It was delicious. That man would go on to invent Mayor McCheese.

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