“Walk Like A Bug A Boo” by DESTINY’S CHILD Vs. BANGLES

The Bangles - Destiny's Child
Sometimes life throws some funny and smelly fish your way, and sometimes, you just have to throw it back. What else are you going to do? Let the reek cling to you until you are forced to own it? The last thing anyone needs is the nickname Fish Stench or Fishy Fish Fish.

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“Say It Ain’t So, Waterfalls” by WEEZER Vs. TLC

TLC - Weezer
Two songs from 1994 transmuted and mashed up, becoming one song. This is not unlike current president of the United States himself and his pillaging cronies in 2018, transmuted and mashed up in a mashed potato milk shake of sheer idiocy and lies becoming one stream of paranoia and racism. Heave ho, the greedy pigs must go.

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“Insane In The Brain And Wanted Dead Or Alive” by BON JOVI Vs. CYPRESS HILL

Bon Jovi - Cypress Hill
Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of the United States, not the high school, once said, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.” Obviously, Lincoln had no idea that there would be a future with 24-hour news outlets. This was said in a better world, before the blind followers of current president of the United States himself, Donald “Damn Racist” Trump. Let’s face it, these people are fooled all the time, every day, every second. They proudly represent 30% of this country, which is just enough to edge out the divided majority, thus representing our whole country. It may be time for the majority (The remaining 70% for you math-illiterates.) to swallow their petty differences and unite to out this mean fascist regime. May God have mercy on us all.

Speaking of God, what about these priests in Pennsylvania? Shameful. Sad. It’s no wonder there are forest fires raging out of control.

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“Super Freak Battles The Pink Robots” by RICK JAMES Vs. THE FLAMING LIPS

Rick James Robots
Everyday, without fail, there is more moronic news. The news piles up so high that the news on the bottom gets forgotten and everything appears new again. The truth it is not new, it is still a stack of shit, and it produces an unbearable stink. The more mass it attains, the further its reach. Meanwhile, there’s different piles of excrement building up all over the place, which make all the rats come out of the wood work. This is what happens when irresponsible people have dogs they obviously can’t take care of.

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