“Edge Of Seventeen (Take Me Out)” by FRANZ FERDINAND Vs. STEVIE NICKS

Franz - Nicks
After the appropriate of time has passed, I hope it is no longer too soon to use this diss: Walk much, F.D.R.?

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“The Unforgiven Rhiannon” by METALLICA Vs. FLEETWOOD MAC

Metallica - Mac
For three straight days, Rhiannon was isolated by her peers. They could not find it in their hearts to forgive her for dust cropping at the Lollapalooza. She should have known better. Don’t eat Indian food from a grease covered truck.

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“The Tipsy Grind Date” by DE LA SOUL Vs.J-KWON

De La Soul - J-Kwon
Whatever happened to J-Kwon? Whatever happened to decency? Whatever happened to tomatoes? Who died, and made him regency? I can’t even begin to answer any of these questions without referencing the “deep state”. In a post-ironic, post-truth world, what if Trump is the only who is sane?

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Laughter In The Rain

Asia agriculture rain

There are only three things you can truly rely on in this post-truth world: The Chinese straw hat, oxen, and the rain.

Donna Porcellino was pissed and then some. If she were a cartoon character, a steady flow of steam would spew from her ears, causing her hair to rise three to five inches above her scalp. Alas, she was just a mortal composed of flesh and blood, so she was merely drenched to the bone, her shoulders hunched, her nerves tightly wound and knotted, barely containing the angst from within. Her facial expression clearly said, leave me alone or I will chew your head off.

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