Cannibal Junior High


The cafeteria, also known as the dining hall or the canteen. A place where children coerce their peers to laugh so hard they snarf-barf milk out of their nostrils.

Joe leaned forward, “Hey, you gonna eat that?” He pointed to either a large fingernail or a small toenail.

Donny picked it up and studied it, and then casually tossed it on Joe’s tray, “Have at it.”

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The Coalition Of Pharmaceuticals™

Lots of meds.jpg

The Coalition Of Pharmaceuticals™ in a candid moment.

In a world, where the fear of death and dying is prevalent, there is a beckoning for a group of heroes to rise above the fray and battle the despicable limits of mortality. It took the greatest minds, the oiliest lawyers, and the most persistent advertisers to fill the void. The Coalition Of Pharmaceuticals™ were thusly born.

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Why I’d Rather Work At McDonald’s® Over The White House™


One of these places serves you rattlesnakes, the other houses them.

I have said it once. I have said it over a hundred times, up to a thousand times. I will never work at McDonald’s®, a fast food chain corporation that thrives on the convenience factor of lazy hungry Americans by providing non-nutritional food they brazenly call a Quarter Pounder With Cheese® or Filet-O-Fish® (Is this some sort of implication that said sandwich might be of Irish descent?) I can’t imagine a worse place for employment.

To prove that I’m a somewhat pliable man, I can admit that I’m wrong. Let me tell you, admitting my shortcoming makes me blush from my head to my toes. My whole belief system changed the moment I observed the comings and goings of staff at the White House™. What a toxic environment. Which leads me to why I’d rather work for Mickey “D”.

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Inducted Into The Justice League Of America®


Wisdom Woman® wondered if The League would correct the gender specification of her membership card.

This was all wrong. Wisdom Woman® should have felt proud, not insecure and so undeserving. Yet, here she was with The Martian Manhunter® in the Justice League satellite®, which orbits 22,300 miles above the Earth’s equator. He was giving her a one-on-one orientation tour. Standing beside the green alien made here feel even more insignificant. He was a genuine superhero. He could fly. He could read minds. He could turn invisible. He had super strength. Granted, his weakness to fire was outright ridiculous.

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