Penelope - Maya - Erykah
Erykah Badu, sister of Yabbada, sings “Honey” on top of Penelope Jones’ sampled loop of “Loving You” by Minnie Riperton. Here’s a little trivia, Maya Rudolph is the daughter of Minnie Riperton. Another bit of trivia, Erykah Badu was born Erica Abi Wright. She does not have a sister named Yabbada. In fact, it was a slight attempt at humor, for if you say it out loud, Yabbada Badu is a catchphrase made famous by cartoon caveman, Fred Flintstone.

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Both Sides Now: The Defense Of A Traitorous Coward

Trump Bad

“Frankly, what I really meant was this: I’m going to put up the best, the most beautiful Trump Towers up in Moscow. It will be unbelievable. Better than the wall, trust me.”

We are witnessing the greatest debacle of America’s history unraveling before our very eyes. Of course, I am talking about that odd pompadour-style do atop current president of the United States, himself, “Dippity Don’t” Donald Trump. What was that? Seriously, is this the hair we wear these days when attending a Helsinki Summit? Was this supposed to be some kind of show of strength over the lack of hair of your boss-hope-to-be-buddy, ex-KGB, Russian dictator, Vladimir “Invalid” Putin? If so, better luck next time. Propecia™-generated hair is never a symbol of strength. It is like bringing your mother’s balls to a knife fight. It’s gross, and mostly stupid.

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“Fallin’ In Black” by ALICIA KEYS Vs. AC/DC

ACDC - Keys
So current president of the United States himself, “Dodgy Traitor” Donald Trump met with dictator of Russia, Vladimir “Vlasic® Dill” Putin, in Helsinki today. I have never heard so many Americans say the word disgrace this many times in my lifetime. Wow, we are truly going to Russia in a handbasket. And now, Alicia Keys.

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“Someone Like You, The Most Beautiful Girl In The Room” by FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS Vs. ADELE

Adele - Conchords
I have a feeling that current president of the United States, “Drag This Country Down” Donald Trump, is a bigger idiot than I’ve given him credit for. Does he not realize that his constant attack on the fake media only makes him an equally fake president? Sadly, the problem is deeper; he is a fake human being. He is the epitome of fake from the top of his Propecia™ generated hair to the bottom of his bone spurred feet. By the way, I just saw footage of him golfing in Scotland, FAKE GOLFER! By fake, I mean absolutely horrendous for someone who plays as much as he does.

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