Inalienable Rights

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True science fiction is how other forms of life judge Earthlings. The opposite of counterintelligence is sheer idiocy. Drinking soda pop makes you more susceptible to brainwashings.

SPOILER ALERT: After the following story ends, the world blows up, ending civilization as we know it.

He was so convincingly aghast, he shivered uncontrollably, like someone with Parkinson’s disease in the freezing cold being jolted by many currents of electricity. It did not look natural. He was trying to comprehend the depth of depravity he had just heard. What kind of sick mind could construct such pure evil under the guise of a joke? Who was crueler, the teller of the joke, or the two guys laughing with great difficulty?

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Science Science, Everywhere A Science


IMHO, meditation, meh-ditation. In conclusion, eat me, meditation, eat me.

Just as a manual for better living prescribed, Joan Lung closed her eyes for as long as she could. With each deep inhale, she slowed down her heartbeat, and with each exhale, she ridded her body of persistent stress. In theory, like antibiotics remove bacteria or Lipitor® lowers cholesterol, it was sensible. Then again, modern medicine is more about liberal marketing propaganda than curing, so it’s actually dumbed down for the masses.

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It’s A Dog’s Dog’s Dog’s World

It's A Dog's World

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” Whoever said this does not know my left hand. Source

“What the hell are we going to do? Huh? What?” Kurt Simonson vented in a near whisper.

Alice Simonson-Carroll, his wife of twelve years, was visibly nervous and unusually silent.

Kurt tightened his fist and shook it. “We can’t live like this anymore. We are not slaves.”

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