Reginald the Cat Says: Humans Suck!!


Illustration © 1992 Jay Lynch

It was February of 1992. It was a leap year, and anything was possible. “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred enjoyed the number one spot on Billboard. Ross Perot announced his run for presidency on the Larry King Show. A free newspaper distributed in Chicago called Planet: Stranger Than Fact, Truer Than Fiction introduced Reginald the Cat to an unsuspecting world in Volume II, Issue 4. The following is a reprint reformatted for the digital blog.

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Commentary from a North Korean



Commentary by Kim Sung-Un


Sung Mo Koo, you raceest peeg! I can tell by your name that you too are also Korean. You are zee worst kind. You are what we call Uncle Tom. Your raceesm must cease and deseest. First of all, you’ve got our accents all wrong. We North Koreans have a deefeecult time pronouncing l’s and r’s. Your portrayal of our type is zee worst kind of offenseeve, eet eez eencorrect. You are like zee fake news. Die you weak capitoleest donkey!

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