Please Don’t Make Me Use My Black Voice


Little did the couple realize, their argument will always be nothing compared to a sunrise.

It has come to my attention that crack is whack or crack is wack, and the first question that comes to mind is: what does that even mean? In order to sum up a reasonable definition, it would be best to define each word of the phrase in the context of 1986, when Keith Haring debuted the mural, “Crack Is Wack”.


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Little Bit Of Trumpica In My Life

Valerie Dembrowski

She was fortunate that she lived in a world where reflections were abolished.

It was the annual block party for Leavitt Avenue. A group of apparent new mothers gathered around a keg of Tecate Lite®. It was the farthest point from the horrendous Cure tribute band, Why Can’t I Be You? As if synchronized, each woman looked away from her phone focusing on Valerie. She cleared her throat realizing the need to project her timid peep.

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The Forensics Of Failure


And if you look to the right, this is the Tower of Babel, the birthplace of everything that is wrong today.


At the risk of being redundant, it bears repeating; ignore this asshole Trump. He’s just like all the rest. He stinks and retains odd hairiness, which seems to be spelling out something, like the subliminal messages conveyed through the ice cubes in old liquor print ads. It is never worth it to put your face up to something that disgusting.

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Ten To Mid-Term Election


The second worst kind of chain letter you can get. 

Like any good nosy American, I have been watching the news avidly as to who did what to who with what, specifically, with all the mail bomb terrorism. As of 9 PM CST of today, there are no answers, just a lot of speculation and more questions. This is what we know.

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