The Bad, Greedy, And Cowardly

Warhol Cowardly Trump.jpg

There is a fine line between cowardice and greediness, and this guy walks back and forth and all over it. If you knew this fellow personally, you would avoid him, in fear that he would suck up all the oxygen around you. That’s how he rolls. Permission to speak freely? Assholes who love the sound of their own voice like this guy get what’s coming to them eventually. In a world where the currency is karma, Dapper Donald gets trampled to death by his small loyal base, and he feels each step as he dies. No one will care. Some will say that it didn’t happen soon enough. Many will say that he deserved it.

It is a tragic day in Santa Fe, Texas. Let’s face facts; it’s a tragic day everywhere. After ridiculous avoidable events like this school shooting, I miss the days of being scolded by a right-minded responsible president. Instead, we get this tweet from that jackass, who is currently the president of the United States, Donald Trump: School shooting in Texas. Early reports not looking good. God bless all!

These are lives lost. Not a review for the first ten minutes of a movie.

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More Untold Tales Of Dead Presidents

Millard Fillmore.jpg

“Millard Fillmore was so ugly, his parents had to tie a steak around his neck so the cannibals would talk to him.”

So many people don’t know this, and you know who you are, and you didn’t know this. There were many presidents of the United States, and so many are no longer alive. Not all of them are on our currency either. Contrary to belief, all presidents were not created equal. So much of this is unknown to a tremendous part of the population. Probably you. Especially you. Where are you? Come up here. Come on.

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Around Town With Reginald The Cat®

Around Town-Reginald

“Humans are a lot like three-dollar bills, funny, awkward, and ultimately worthless.”     Illustration ©1992 Jay Lynch

What? The? Fuck? Seriously. What the fuck is up with you people? All you people? By the way, yo humans, been a while, but what is wrong? As soon as I figure out how low your race truly is, you lower the bar, and then you go ahead and lower it some more. Stop it. Even the lowliest life form, the dog, think your breed is stupid. Sad. And to all you asshole idiots who wonder how the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, says the outrageous things he says; realize this. You are the problem. You are the damn oxygen to his fire: supporters and opponents alike on both sides, on all sides. Frankly, I am sick of Trump’s omnipresence, and I refuse to be that guy who speaks the obvious, like, look at how brightly the flames spread, or it is too fucking hot in here. None of it helps. By the way, you do not yet realize how much you will miss Trump after he’s gone. Believe me, it will be like the first day of meth withdrawal.

Disclaimer: The viewpoints expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions, viewpoints and official policies of After all, it’s a God damn cat drawing.

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The Infallible Lester Holt

Vision - Holt.jpg

Have you ever seen Lester Holt in the same room with the Avengers’ Vision? I didn’t think so.

It is peculiar how NBC®, the network, and not the organization No Blank Checks, a subsidiary of the FDIC®, the banking institution, and not the Fucking Dicks In Charge has been polluting the airwaves with ads pointing out the human side of their current anchorman, Lester Holt. It is as if they doth protest too much, as if covering up the fact that he is not human.

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