The Futility Of Teaching An Old Dog

Senior Dog month

Save the month! November will be here sooner than you think. Did you know that senior dogs have very little time left to live?

The dog was asked a question. It looked up and all around with an empty gaze, more so than usual. Behind the eyes, a void of unforgivable ignorance. It looked very tired, haggard even. Rightfully so, it was old. It was an unhealthy specimen. Overweight. Discolored. Mange on top of its head. Barely alive.

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Aquaman Meets On Demand TV

Ramona Fradon Reflective Aquaman

Aquaman has a brief moment of peace before enduring horrible cinema.

Aquaman turned off the TV by throwing the remote control at it, shattering it all over the place. He had just seen the worst movie ever. Bohemian Rhapsody. It is mind blowing that within this insipid dreck of cinema, Rami Malek found room to portray Freddie Mercury respectfully. One could almost believe that Freddie Mercury was capable of saying such contrived idiocy.

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Whatever Will Be


Be very nice to this dude, Jussie Smollett, he is going to be your boss one day.

I see a very frightening future. Yes, it is definitely an extension of the frightening present we are currently muddling through at a breakneck pace. It’s all the media outlets spinning the news cycle as hard as it can, like an overzealous Wheel Of Fortune® contestant. It’s all of these occurrences that have never happened before; the odd severe weather patterns, the stretching of democracy, and all those damn reality shows. This is the eerie future I foresee.

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What Asian Men Want

What Asian Men Want
Trump was befuddled this morning, more so than usual. It was evident in his lumbering gait, which was, against all odds, heavier and clumsier. His lips were quivering. His brows tensely furrowed. This meant he was thinking. Thinking like a caveman obsessed with terminal cancer.

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