“Going To Hotel California” by EAGLES Vs. LED ZEPPELIN

Eagles - Zeppelin
In 1978, I saw Pablo Cruise, The Steve Miller Band and Eagles at Comiskey Park. Upon further research, this event was on August 19, and tickets were twelve dollars. It’s hard to say whether those were the golden days, or that we currently live in a suck greedy hell world.

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“Ramble On Sympathy For The Devil” by THE ROLLING STONES Vs. LED ZEPPELIN

Zepp - Stones
Here are two bands that make up more than half of the classic rock radio playlist. You can not go more than an hour without hearing Led Zeppelin or The Rolling Stones. It is with much dignity and the most satisfied stomach that I bestow upon you the following mash up.

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“Ramble On, What’s Going On?” by LED ZEPPELIN Vs. MARVIN GAYE

Gaye - Zep
Let’s pretend that Robert Plant is a genie and that Marvin Gaye is the bottle. Now, let us rub the bottle and make three wishes as Robert Plant hovers. Make sure the first wish is for a thousand more wishes.

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