No One Medley
A mash up medley based on a four chord song written by Alicia Keys sprinkled with so many song bytes that fit within the structure. For those taking notes, E, B, C# minor, and A.

Now a mash up.

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“Don’t Worry Baby, I’ve Seen All Good People” by YES Vs. THE BEACH BOYS

Beach Boys - Yes
This mash up makes me giggle, in that, if there was an actual battle royale between Yes and The Beach Boys, I imagine one of the members of Yes, the weakest one, maybe even the dead one, grabbing Mike Love by the ankles, swinging him around like a wobbly ceiling fan, creating the humorous tones of head conking faces, while Mike Love cries like a baby.

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“Standing In For Joe, Owner Of A Lonely Heart” by YES Vs. XTC

XTC - Yes
To paraphrase Francis Bacon, or his doppelgänger, “Hope is a good breakfast, but an ill supper.” Apparently he had no idea what constitutes a good meal. Who eats hope? Hope is composed of empty tasteless calories. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say, his tongue was a complete dolt.

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