Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood?


Employee of the month: Steven Mnuchin. Apparently Mnu means no, thus, no chin, as in, Yes, we have Mnu bananas.

Try as you might, it is impossible to ignore this guy, the current president of the United States, “Dodging” Putin’s puppet, Donald Trump. I swear, one day in the distant future, we will all agree that Trump was the Pauly Shore of presidents, and we’ll all be wondering, “Who’s Pauly Shore?”

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“The Middle Thinking Out Loud” by ED SHEERAN Vs. JIMMY EAT WORLD

Jimmy Eat World - Ed Sheeran

Current president of the United States, Dim Donald Trump, not his Chinese counterpart, Dim Sum, is currently in Singapore negotiating with current dictator of North Korea, Clean Kim Jong-Un. I imagine two dogs intensely sniffing each others assholes for a minute, before the one with orange skin walks away, because he does not smell seriousness. The other one, with Caucasian-challenged eyes, is thankful he brought his personal toilet.

In the meantime, there is this mash up.

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An Untold Tale Of A Dead President


“Too busy emancipating instead of legislating.”

Many people don’t know this. Some do. Many don’t. The sixteenth president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, did a lot of different things before he was assassinated to death. So many different things. Some good, some bad. Frankly, more bad than good if you ask me. One would think, how is that even possible in such an abbreviated lifespan? How? Before we carry him on our backs and call him a hero, keep in mind, child labor was rampant under his leadership.

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Cash - Mystikal
While searching for humanity or empathy from current president of the United States, Donald Trump, they could not even find a glimmer. Sad.

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