pack of kittens

Gangs of kittens have successfully taken over retirement homes more times than you would think.

Out of his extraordinary peripheral vision, Simon Bagley, no relation to Jim, glimpsed a grey kitten peeking out of the shrubs. Upon closer inspection, he had discovered a litter of four and a half kittens (Maybe a third. It’s hard to tell without knowing the original mass.) They were mewling madly. Being a genuine “cat” person, he was terrified, for he knew the mother must be nearby and hell hath no fury like a mother cat.

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Sicko With No Intentions

astral cat.jpg

Don’t lend cats money. Image Source

What sort of stupid name is that?” asked Astral Projection out loud, even though he was obviously alone. His face obscured by a failing newspaper, he continued to prattle. “What sort of name is Dingus? Dingus O’Hara? That can’t be right. It’s… it’s too moronic.” He put down the paper with the impact of disgust; his eyes darted across the dingy kitchenette following a trail of nothing to the garbage can, to where the cat used to eat. He suffered from a mild condition commonly known as cat vision flashback. It is the imaginary peripheral vision, an instinctive blur etched forever from owning and being conditioned by a cat.

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