“Listen Once In A Lifetime” by TALKING HEADS Vs. TALIB KWELI

Talking Heads - Talib Kweli
Current president of the United States himself dictator wannabe, Donald “Dork Brain” Trump is putting the super-id back into super idiot. I remember the days when if you got caught in a lie more than 100 times, like Trump has, people quit listening to you. Sad.

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“Fly Me To The Moon, Psycho Killer” by TALKING HEADS Vs. FRANK SINATRA

Sinatra - Talking Heads
David Byrne, one time member of Talking Heads, is currently touring America promoting his latest release, “American Utopia”. I recommend that you get out of your safety bubble and give it a listen. It’s good.

Frank Sinatra, one time member of The Rat Pack, is currently decomposing. He has been doing so since 1998. He was nicknamed “Old Blue Eyes”, back when he was amongst the living. If I had to surmise, his blue eyes are gone and replaced by maggots and worms.

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Stifle This: “Once In A Lifetime With Werewolves” by TALKING HEADS Vs. WARREN ZEVON


A friend of mine hates mash ups. The whole idea and shebang of taking two shitty tunes and making another shitty tune out of it, or ruining two good songs and transforming it into a shitty tune, pisses him off to no end. So much so, he is incapable of stifling his grief out loud.

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