“It Hurts Like Hell, Girl (My Iron Lung)” by RADIOHEAD Vs. THE BEATLES

Beatles - Radiohead
Welcome to Radiohead Appreciation Weekend, familiarly known as convenient acronym, R.A.W. Kicking things off, the top mops meet the mop tops with a little bit of the Keystone Kops and some Big Bopper bops thrown in. If there was an ounce of funk involved I could have used the term cosmic slop, but we all know Caucasian Brits are mostly incapable of the funk, thus destroying my rhyme scheme, my beautiful rhyme scheme.

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“Don’t Stop Believing In The Octopus’s Garden” by JOURNEY Vs. THE BEATLES

Beatles - Journey
It is easy being vague. It is much harder to be truthful, especially if you’re going to hurt someone’s feelings. With this mind, it is a good time for me to say that the current president of the United States, Donald Trump is a lying weasel. That greedy fat fat ass will burn in hell. By the way, here’s a mash up.

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“Don’t Stop At The Octopus’s Garden” by FLEETWOOD MAC Vs. THE BEATLES

Fleetwood Mac - Beatles
Some days you need the subtlety of a mallet and not the brutal force of a hammer. Other days, you make your choices based on the composition of a rat’s ass, in the same way that Ringo Starr, drummer of the Beatles, wrote an occasional song.

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