Tribute? You Brought Her!

Beatles Hawaiian Shirt

Unlike Beatles tribute bands, a Beatles Hawaiian shirt can be worn with shameful pride. Not!

I’m not even sure if this is true, because I’ve never been to Hawaii, but once, when I was in Hawaii, back in the late ‘70s, I saw an eight piece Hawaiian Beatles tribute band aptly called Eight Hawaiians A Week. Spoiler alert: they sucked, as in oh my God, they were pitchier than a snake oil salesman. They held a tune like one would attempt to hold an eel after dipping it in lard. They sang with the thickest accents. Even though, they were horrendous, they were affable and adorable. In short, they wore the mop top wigs.

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“It Hurts Like Hell, Girl (My Iron Lung)” by RADIOHEAD Vs. THE BEATLES

Beatles - Radiohead
Welcome to Radiohead Appreciation Weekend, familiarly known as convenient acronym, R.A.W. Kicking things off, the top mops meet the mop tops with a little bit of the Keystone Kops and some Big Bopper bops thrown in. If there was an ounce of funk involved I could have used the term cosmic slop, but we all know Caucasian Brits are mostly incapable of the funk, thus destroying my rhyme scheme, my beautiful rhyme scheme.

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