“The Watcher Watches Superman Light Up A Christmas Tree” by CAST OF SUPERMAN Vs. DR. DRE

Watcher Superman
Since it is Halloween week, it seems appropriate to celebrate and honor the often masked superhero. Yet, the mention of Christmas this early in the year is gauche. Sometimes the theme song from “Facts Of Life” encapsulates everything perfectly. “You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have The Facts of Life.”

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Superman’s Cape


A cape does not a Superman make, nor does it make America great. Look it up.


When it comes to the NFL, Kanye West is absolutely correct, “All we really have is today. We just have today.” True to form, everything else Kanye says is absolute idiocy. If his words could take human form, it would be the guy everyone wants to spit on instinctively.

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Why Clark Kent?


Clark Kent/Superman showing off, as usual.

Let me make this perfectly clear. Superman is a big hunk of bunk. He is a bogus piece of garbage foreigner from the planet Krypton, the worst kind. He goes around and tells everyone that will listen that the reason he adopted a secret identity was to honor his Earth parents, Ma and Pa Kent.

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