“Kung Fu Fighting A Lot Of People” by MANY ARTISTS Vs. CARL DOUGLAS

In 1972, “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas was a monumental hit. I was 10 years old, and to my great dismay, it was very easy to replace Kung Fu with Sung Koo. The white kids, jagoffs, each and every one of them, would taunt me with their off pitch caterwauling. It would have been charming if I was capable of actually fighting. I am pretty sure life would be very different today if I knew a martial art.

And now, a mash up.

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“Thinking Out Loud At The Hotel California” by ED SHEERAN Vs. EAGLES

Sheeran - Eagles
If I were the current president of the United States, Daffy Donald Trump, I would have my “people” (both of them) invent a stand-in robot to take the blame for everything he needs to apologize for, and there are many things, way too many. Of course, the ultimate downfall is: the robot will prove to have more empathy and end up being a much better leader. Ask Lester Holt.

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“Going To Hotel California” by EAGLES Vs. LED ZEPPELIN

Eagles - Zeppelin
In 1978, I saw Pablo Cruise, The Steve Miller Band and Eagles at Comiskey Park. Upon further research, this event was on August 19, and tickets were twelve dollars. It’s hard to say whether those were the golden days, or that we currently live in a suck greedy hell world.

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“Maneater At The Hotel California” by HALL & OATES Vs. EAGLES

Eagles-Hall & Oates

Joe Walsh and Randy Meisner must feel hairless and impotent compared to these hair studs.

There are things you can swallow, and things you cannot.
Some things are broken, and some things are shot.
If everything is all you’ve got,
You must be a polka dot.
-Drunk Rhyming Confucius 470 B.C.

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