“Kung Fu Fighting A Lot Of People” by MANY ARTISTS Vs. CARL DOUGLAS

In 1972, “Kung Fu Fighting” by Carl Douglas was a monumental hit. I was 10 years old, and to my great dismay, it was very easy to replace Kung Fu with Sung Koo. The white kids, jagoffs, each and every one of them, would taunt me with their off pitch caterwauling. It would have been charming if I was capable of actually fighting. I am pretty sure life would be very different today if I knew a martial art.

And now, a mash up.

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“Fallin’ In Black” by ALICIA KEYS Vs. AC/DC

ACDC - Keys
So current president of the United States himself, “Dodgy Traitor” Donald Trump met with dictator of Russia, Vladimir “Vlasic® Dill” Putin, in Helsinki today. I have never heard so many Americans say the word disgrace this many times in my lifetime. Wow, we are truly going to Russia in a handbasket. And now, Alicia Keys.

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“Let There Be Crystal Ship” by AC/DC Vs. THE DOORS

ACDC - Doors
I have an annual ceremony which began in 1985. I celebrate Memorial Day by playing the worst music I own. Songs like “Policeman” by Chicago and “Him” by Rupert Holmes. Somehow, this gives greater weight to the great, the greatest veterans, who fought for this country and especially for my right to listen to garbage. Let there be mash up!

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