Superman’s Cape


A cape does not a Superman make, nor does it make America great. Look it up.


When it comes to the NFL, Kanye West is absolutely correct, “All we really have is today. We just have today.” True to form, everything else Kanye says is absolute idiocy. If his words could take human form, it would be the guy everyone wants to spit on instinctively.

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Inconsequential Tripe


A 1970 photo opportunity, as they were called then. One would resign in 1974 to avoid certain impeachment, the other would resign on a toilet in 1977.

Every so often an expression comes along that is so stupid, you begin to hate anyone who uses it. And of course, because it’s such a damn catchphrase, you eventually use it yourself, and nothing good ever happens when you hate yourself. Here’s a recap of trite truisms: It is what it is. Life’s a bitch and then you die. Life’s a bitch and then you marry her. YOLO. Don’t worry, be happy. Life’s a beach. Life’s a beach and then you marry her. Shit happens. It’s like rain on your wedding day. Today, it is the nothingburger.

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Bond - Bonds
If ever there was a bad day to throw a tantrum, it is Sunday. It is the day when God is most judgmental. So don’t be surprised if you are struck dead by some crazy intervention after throwing a shit fit in the alert eyes of the Lord. You have been warned. Amen.

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“Supernova” [A Remix]

trump and kanye

Donye 2020

In this post-truth world, nothing shocks me anymore. Fall Out Boy is looking more like Fall Out Middle Aged Man; America’s current president, Donald Trump, claims his favorite porno laser disc is allegedly Yellow Rain. All this tripe aside, I was truly provoked by the number of times I heard the word shithole last week, and that’s impressive since I lived next door to a wellness center for eight years. And now, a remix of “Supernova” by Mr. Hudson featuring Kanye West.

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