Inconsequential Tripe


A 1970 photo opportunity, as they were called then. One would resign in 1974 to avoid certain impeachment, the other would resign on a toilet in 1977.

Every so often an expression comes along that is so stupid, you begin to hate anyone who uses it. And of course, because it’s such a damn catchphrase, you eventually use it yourself, and nothing good ever happens when you hate yourself. Here’s a recap of trite truisms: It is what it is. Life’s a bitch and then you die. Life’s a bitch and then you marry her. YOLO. Don’t worry, be happy. Life’s a beach. Life’s a beach and then you marry her. Shit happens. It’s like rain on your wedding day. Today, it is the nothingburger.

My first awareness of the term “nothingburger” was derived from the dumbest thing ever, Trump Jr. It is how he described the fateful meeting at Trump Tower. Many people don’t know this, but nothingburger was first made popular in the 1950s by a Hollywood gossip columnist to describe a person or idea that’s essentially a whole lot of nothing.

A prime example of nothingburger would be the lunch Trump took with two black celebrities, one an aging ex-athlete, Jim Brown, the other, an ex-rapper, full-time kook bomb, Kanye West. It was obvious that this photo op was designed to squelch theories of Trump’s racist nature. In making such a big deal of this in the middle of a devastating hurricane makes him not not a racist. Double negative, see what I did there? He’s a pig, and if you put lipstick on him, he’s still an obnoxious racist who has no idea that everyone knows.

As expected, the meeting was a collection of rants from pompous rich people with serious mental problems.

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