The Forensics Of Failure


And if you look to the right, this is the Tower of Babel, the birthplace of everything that is wrong today.


At the risk of being redundant, it bears repeating; ignore this asshole Trump. He’s just like all the rest. He stinks and retains odd hairiness, which seems to be spelling out something, like the subliminal messages conveyed through the ice cubes in old liquor print ads. It is never worth it to put your face up to something that disgusting.

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Ten To Mid-Term Election


The second worst kind of chain letter you can get. 

Like any good nosy American, I have been watching the news avidly as to who did what to who with what, specifically, with all the mail bomb terrorism. As of 9 PM CST of today, there are no answers, just a lot of speculation and more questions. This is what we know.

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An Ugly American Goes From Uglier To Ugliest


Bizarro-Trump, or Parallel-Trump is a long-time contributor to “Ain’t No Party Like The Nazi Party”.

Can you believe what’s going on at these Republican caravans popping up all over the country? All these white terrorists trying to get into the government. Not good, I tell you, not good. We need to drain the swamp, lock her up, and do whatever’s necessary to not let those bad hombres into Washington D.C.

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Superman’s Cape


A cape does not a Superman make, nor does it make America great. Look it up.


When it comes to the NFL, Kanye West is absolutely correct, “All we really have is today. We just have today.” True to form, everything else Kanye says is absolute idiocy. If his words could take human form, it would be the guy everyone wants to spit on instinctively.

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