As The World Turns


The band Rush said it, so it must be true. “The world is, the world is
Love and life are deep
Maybe as his skies are wide.”


He was feeling more than uneasy. You would too, if you were transported 528 years from the past. Not only that, he was hungry, as in very. His stomach growled so loud; it shook his body.

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Time And Time Again


Unless you want to be an ostracized anomaly, wormholes should be avoided at all cost.

Patty Duke was so angry. She was beside herself, both literally and figuratively. She made the grave error of time traveling to the future and meeting her future self. If there should ever be an amended Ten Commandments, the eleventh would most certainly be: Thou shalt avoid oneself whilst time traveling.

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An Untold Tale Of Sgt. Rock®

Sgt. Rock.jpg

Where the damn hell am I? What the damn hell is this? The last thing I remember was fighting the dreaded Ratzis in France and ohhhh… Yeah, there was an explosion, followed by some crazy glowing dame taking me by the hand and yanking me into a freaking time portal. There’s my where and when, but what? What the damn hell is this?

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