“Make My Day And Make Me Smile, I Can’t Get Next To You” by CHICAGO & TECHNOTRONIC Vs. THE TEMPTATIONS

The phrase of the day is community immunity, as Chicago prolongs social distancing for another thirty days. Speaking of Chicago, the band featuring Terry Kath, the tragic victim of Russian Roulette.

And now, a mash up.

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“Dear Madam Barnum Medley” by VARIOUS ARTISTS VS. XTC

Barnum Medley
Eight recording groups against the pop trio, XTC in a medley.

Now, a mash up.

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Tonight I’m Going To Party Like It’s Christmas In ‘99


Further proof of Christmas in 1999.

Christmas came and went like so many empty calories on the sweatiest day of my life. In the blink of a Korean eye, which everyone knows is a nanosecond shorter than other ethnic blinks. You know, because of the proximity of eyelids in that near perma-squint, which some racists call slants. All I’m saying is that a door half-closed shuts faster than a door wide open.

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