“What If Thom Yorke Sang Nude With USA For Africa?” by RADIOHEAD Vs. USA FOR AFRICA

Yorke - USA for Africa
In a world with so many possibilities, it is no wonder that we mere mortals have so many unanswered questions and unpaid parking tickets. The following mash up may be one of those elusive answers, then again, it may be Russian meddling. Only you can decide.

The take away from this is simple, USA for Africa celebrates and flaunts a false elevated sense of arrogance and pride, and America has received its just reward in the form of current president of the United States himself, Donald “Dirigible” Trump.

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Radiohead - Dua Lipa
I saw Dua Lipa perform “IDGAF” on the Stephen Colbert show a couple weeks ago. I was impressed enough to seek out the isolated vocals. Imagine my surprise to discover that it fit perfectly on top of “Creep”, in that it has the same number of measures per verse, chorus and bridge. I am more than convinced that the writer of “IDGAF” was listening to Radiohead while composing this song.

On the other side of pop music, Lana Del Rey has a song called “Get Free”, and it is more than a homage to “Creep”; it’s a straight up rip off.

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“It Hurts Like Hell, Girl (My Iron Lung)” by RADIOHEAD Vs. THE BEATLES

Beatles - Radiohead
Welcome to Radiohead Appreciation Weekend, familiarly known as convenient acronym, R.A.W. Kicking things off, the top mops meet the mop tops with a little bit of the Keystone Kops and some Big Bopper bops thrown in. If there was an ounce of funk involved I could have used the term cosmic slop, but we all know Caucasian Brits are mostly incapable of the funk, thus destroying my rhyme scheme, my beautiful rhyme scheme.

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