“Losing My Smooth Religion” by R.E.M. Vs. SANTANA

Santana - REM
Current president of the United States, Donald The Menace Trump needs to learn some sort of lesson for his ludicrous fascist actions in a democratic society. We need to become the Road Runner© to his Wile E. Coyote©. We need to make his Acme© products obsolete. We need to take his ice cream away from him everyday, all of it. Initially, I would have said that we should take his family away from him, an eye for an eye and all that, but let’s be honest, that selfish fatso doesn’t care about anyone else. Sad.

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“Instrumental In D Minor For Black Magic Woman” by SANTANA Vs. THE EARL SCRUGGS REVUE

Santana - Scruggs

When it comes to the windows of your soul, there is a fine line between utter stupidity and death. Ask the idiot who woke up screaming in a coroner’s office after falling asleep with his eyes open. It was the second time he found himself in this awkward situation this week.

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