Le Freak Medley
On February 16th, 2019, Ken Nordine, word jazz maestro, passed away. He was 98 years old. I’d like to think that if he was into disco and/or mash ups, he’d appreciate this. He was a great influence on my life and perhaps the reason I create mash ups. He opened my eyes up to the possibilities of aural landscapes. May he rest in peace.

Now a mash up medley featuring “Le Freak” by Chic, “Without Me” by Eminem, “Walk” by Pantera, “Fuck The Pain Away” by Peaches, “Hello I Love You” by The Doors, and “Don’t Stop The Music” by Rihanna.

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“Accidentally In Love Medley” by A MELANGE OF ARTISTS Vs. COUNTING CROWS

Accidentally Medley
If this mash up was an actual brawl, you know, as in last person standing, and the only rule being survival. I’d put my money on Counting Crows. That lead singer, Adam Duritz is a serious scrappy bad ass.

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“All I Want For Christmas Is Riders On The Storm” by MARIAH CAREY Vs. THE DOORS

Carey - Doors
While making these mash ups, I often wonder, who benefits? Does it give Mariah Carey hippy cred? Do The Doors merely become the back up band for a singer who allegedly has the singing range of eight octaves? If they ever met, would they be friends, enemies, or frenemies? Would this relationship have room for Kanye?

And now, a mash up.

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