“People Are Strange On The Island In The Sun” by THE DOORS Vs. WEEZER

Doors - Weezer
We all know this, but I’m going to say it anyway, Kanye West is the Sarah Palin of hip hop. And now, a mash up.

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“Viva Tirado Soul Kitchen” by THE DOORS Vs. EL CHICANO

Doors - El Chicano
While the sensible citizens of the United States mourn the passing of John McCain, one uninvited current president of the United States himself dictator wannabe, Donald “Douche Pocket” Trump lambasts the infrastructure of what makes America the land of freedom.

I don’t like to be a petty person, but I look forward to seeing Trump’s funeral. I can’t wait to see the tumbleweeds rambling past all the weasels in attendance, probably ten or eleven of them. I know what I’ll be doing. I will be tweeting about how childish and racist this asswipe behaved in his time in the White House.

So Russia, if you’re listening, release the pee tapes. I want to post it on the day of his death to remind people of his constant indecency.

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“Let There Be Crystal Ship” by AC/DC Vs. THE DOORS

ACDC - Doors
I have an annual ceremony which began in 1985. I celebrate Memorial Day by playing the worst music I own. Songs like “Policeman” by Chicago and “Him” by Rupert Holmes. Somehow, this gives greater weight to the great, the greatest veterans, who fought for this country and especially for my right to listen to garbage. Let there be mash up!

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