“Let’s Get It On James Ray” by MARVIN GAYE Vs. CRYSTALITES

Gaye - Crystalites

Listening to reggae helped me survive the intense polar vortex that howled through the midwest. In fact, reggae has saved me from hep-c and AIDS. Reggae prevented me from dressing up as a K.K.K. member and black-face in the ’80s. Reggae is powerful.

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Smashing Pumpkins - Gaye
I’d like to think that the world would be a much better place if Marvin Gaye was still alive. I’m not sure what kind of contribution or impact Billy Corgan has made on our world being alive.

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“Let’s Get It On Out The Frame” by MARVIN GAYE Vs. THE ALCHEMIST

Gaye - Alchemist

After watching highlights of the current president of the United States, “Drought-mouth” Donald Trump, speaking to his base in Montana, I was more than outraged. I have seen this tired greatest hits rant before, and the very little new material he worked in was nothing short of lame. It is apparent that he needs writers, and in turn, maybe they can help him learn a thing or two about comedic timing. “Build The Wall” will never be as funny as “How Fat Was She?”. Yet, I am ashamed to admit this, “Lock Her Up” is.

It is always a desperate act when a comedian, no less a president, goes blue. Not only was Tungsten Trump horrendous, he spewed an anti-MeToo statement and actually got laughs from his audience. That is probably the most offensive thing. If he wasn’t who he was, The Sandman from Live At The Apollo would have definitely swept him off the stage. Pathetic.

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