Batman Said

In recognition of National Batman Day celebrated every year on the third day of September, would like to pay homage to the introductions Batman would give before a story in reprint comics, so you, the reader could be woke.
batman intro

another batman intro

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Fortress Of Solitude Around Your Heart


“When is a key not a key?” asked The Lame Riddler. “When it’s an aircraft path marker.” answered The Lame Riddler. He hated answering his own riddles.

It was 1997. The city of Metropolis was under great duress. Brainiac had unleashed a deadly virus turning everything in its path to seaweed. To make things worse, Superman was missing.

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The Alternate Batman


In this alternate universe, The Batman has a very short lifespan.

In your puny universe, a very young Bruce Wayne witnessed his father, and especially his mother get shot down by a hoodlum, by the name of Joe Chill in Gotham City’s Crime Alley. On that fateful day, a boy also died, and a vengeful man was born, and he would become The Batman.

While his intentions were true, he inadvertently turned the city he’d sworn to protect more dangerous. The presence of The Batman inspired nutcases to come out of the woodworks to commit outrageous crimes just to become famous. Being a criminal in Gotham was not much different than being a contestant on The Voice or American Idol. But this is your asinine reality.

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The Brave And The Bold Presents: The Batman® And The Three Stooges® Part 2 – And Then There’s Moe


Batman Secret Files: Moe AKA Moe, Vicious without conscience, stooge. Lethal with a pie.

Previously on The Brave And The Bold Presents: The Batman® And The Three Stooges®: Shemp picked up the phone on the first ring. “Hello? Yes! Yes! YES! No! No.” He hung up the phone.

Moe, impatient as ever, “What was it?”

Shemp smirked, “Wrong number.” Moe responded with a sharp slap to the face.

And now, Part 2, And Then There’s Moe.

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