The Alternate Batman


In this alternate universe, The Batman has a very short lifespan.

In your puny universe, a very young Bruce Wayne witnessed his father, and especially his mother get shot down by a hoodlum, by the name of Joe Chill in Gotham City’s Crime Alley. On that fateful day, a boy also died, and a vengeful man was born, and he would become The Batman.

While his intentions were true, he inadvertently turned the city he’d sworn to protect more dangerous. The presence of The Batman inspired nutcases to come out of the woodworks to commit outrageous crimes just to become famous. Being a criminal in Gotham was not much different than being a contestant on The Voice or American Idol. But this is your asinine reality.

On this parallel universe, which is much better than your shithole, Bruce proved to have different preferences, ergo a much different outcome. Instead of cowering in fear, he watched. He took great interest in the erratic confidence of the gunman. He quickly realized that it was not the man, but the gun that demanded his respect.

The gun was a truth detector. It reveals one’s true nature. Currently, his father, Dr. Thomas Wayne, was pleading for his family’s life. It was deplorable. Bruce was disgusted by his father’s admission of complete weakness. Worst, his mother, Martha, was caterwauling like alley cats finding twenty dollars. That’s a lot of tuna. Each shriek turned his stomach further until it was upside down. He had no idea his parents were such cowards, absolute embarrassments.

The crook grabs Martha’s pearl necklace, breaking it, the pearls fall and scatter on the cobblestone. Dr. Thomas throws a pathetic punch as one would imagine a doctor is capable of, at Joe Chill, and in return, he shoots Dr. Wayne dead. Martha screams and screams and apparently, this annoys Joe, so he shoots her dead. He turns to Bruce, his shaky hands can barely hold the gun anymore.

Bruce just glares. In truth, he was absolutely repulsed that Joe Chill minus the gun equals absolute zero. Joe freaks out over the intensity of the demon child. He drops the gun and runs off. Bruce picks up the gun and shoots, clipping Chill in the leg, as a natural response, he falls to the ground clutching his bleeding leg. Bruce runs up, well aware that he can’t miss at close range, and shoots Joe Chill in the head twice. It looks like splattered ground beef with one eye. The other eye ends up rolling into the sewer.

Bruce tosses the gun on the corpse and walks away with an evil grin. He is thinking: Fear is weakness. Weakness is a cancer. Cancer is bad and has to be removed. That day, Bruce Wayne becomes a surgeon that goes by the name The Lone Gunman.

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