Godzilla - Gaye - Terrell
Godzilla Week! concludes with the wacky notion that Godzilla replaces the solo Tammi Terrell parts.

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“Let’s Get It On Out The Frame” by MARVIN GAYE Vs. THE ALCHEMIST

Gaye - Alchemist

After watching highlights of the current president of the United States, “Drought-mouth” Donald Trump, speaking to his base in Montana, I was more than outraged. I have seen this tired greatest hits rant before, and the very little new material he worked in was nothing short of lame. It is apparent that he needs writers, and in turn, maybe they can help him learn a thing or two about comedic timing. “Build The Wall” will never be as funny as “How Fat Was She?”. Yet, I am ashamed to admit this, “Lock Her Up” is.

It is always a desperate act when a comedian, no less a president, goes blue. Not only was Tungsten Trump horrendous, he spewed an anti-MeToo statement and actually got laughs from his audience. That is probably the most offensive thing. If he wasn’t who he was, The Sandman from Live At The Apollo would have definitely swept him off the stage. Pathetic.

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“Ramble On, What’s Going On?” by LED ZEPPELIN Vs. MARVIN GAYE

Gaye - Zep
Let’s pretend that Robert Plant is a genie and that Marvin Gaye is the bottle. Now, let us rub the bottle and make three wishes as Robert Plant hovers. Make sure the first wish is for a thousand more wishes.

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“Too Busy Thinking About My Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by MARVIN GAYE Vs. WHAM!


In 1986, Wham! officially broke up. Truth is, it was a somber day for Andrew Ridgeley. George Michael had to have some kind of inkling of an idea that he was going to go the solo artist route. The band thing was only holding him back from greater success and sexual acts in public toilets. It makes sense that Andrew Ridgeley, more commonly known as the other guy with no talent of Wham!, you know, the guy who danced, but didn’t sing (he may have sung “jitterbug”, yet, I have doubts that he could sing that low.), was not heard from again, until the death of George Michael.

Marvin Gaye was fatally shot by his dad on April 1, 1984. At the risk of sounding racist, he was a much better performer than Wham!

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