“Supernova” [A Remix]

trump and kanye

Donye 2020

In this post-truth world, nothing shocks me anymore. Fall Out Boy is looking more like Fall Out Middle Aged Man; America’s current president, Donald Trump, claims his favorite porno laser disc is allegedly Yellow Rain. All this tripe aside, I was truly provoked by the number of times I heard the word shithole last week, and that’s impressive since I lived next door to a wellness center for eight years. And now, a remix of “Supernova” by Mr. Hudson featuring Kanye West.

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“Fixing A Supernova Hole” by THE BEATLES Vs. MR. HUDSON featuring KANYE WEST


As 2017 comes to a rapid end, so concludes the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I was hoping to celebrate this occasion by mashing up every song by the year’s end. That is not going to happen, so in the words of the jolly man down the street, better late than never.

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