The Incredible Edible Red ‘MAGA’ Hat


Putting the ‘red’ back into hatred.

I am fearful that the status of America in the 21st century has devolved and turned into NBC’s 1987 “The Tortellis”, a forgotten spin-off show of the very affable and popular show “Cheers”.

In the 20th century, America was like “Cheers”, respected by the world for churning out excellence and a profit. Current America relies too much on the former glory of what once was, and in short order has become putrid, a watered down version of shit and spit. What is the Jar Jar Binks factor that is destroying the American franchise? It’s the red ‘MAGA’ hat.

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Superman’s Cape


A cape does not a Superman make, nor does it make America great. Look it up.


When it comes to the NFL, Kanye West is absolutely correct, “All we really have is today. We just have today.” True to form, everything else Kanye says is absolute idiocy. If his words could take human form, it would be the guy everyone wants to spit on instinctively.

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