The Incredible Edible Red ‘MAGA’ Hat


Putting the ‘red’ back into hatred.

I am fearful that the status of America in the 21st century has devolved and turned into NBC’s 1987 “The Tortellis”, a forgotten spin-off show of the very affable and popular show “Cheers”.

In the 20th century, America was like “Cheers”, respected by the world for churning out excellence and a profit. Current America relies too much on the former glory of what once was, and in short order has become putrid, a watered down version of shit and spit. What is the Jar Jar Binks factor that is destroying the American franchise? It’s the red ‘MAGA’ hat.

Last year, Kanye West, sometime rapper, mostly crazy dope, said the ‘MAGA’ hat “made me feel like Superman.” The truth was, it made him look fat. In the same way film adds ten pounds, so did the hat on Kanye. Red is not for everyone. In Kanye’s case, the red accentuates his cheeks making him look like a chipmunk with an impacted wisdom tooth or two.

Not many people know this, but after disavowing the hat, Kanye has made amends with it and is proudly wearing it again. Snoop Dogg, entrepreneur rapper summed it up best, “He [Kanye West] acting a plain fool.”

In 2016, ‘MAGA’ was an election gimmick like, “I Like Ike” or “Change” or “Hoover? You Brought Her!” Since Trump has won the election, if you wear the hat, you claim to be a nationalist, which apparently is the nice way of saying racist. The hat is the new K.K.K. hood, or the new swastika, or the new black face. It is a statement. If you chose to wear the hat in today’s climate, you believe in building a wall; you believe that right turn at the border; you believe every lie Trump spews; you believe in racism.

Which leads me to the Covington Catholic school incident at the March For Life on January 19, 2019. The boy’s choice to wear that hat simply says, “I’m proud to be a racist,” in the same way, a dressed up ‘juggalo’, an avid fan of the group Insane Clown Posse, says, “I know nothing about music.”

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