Jerry Is In The Heart (The 2020 Instant Party Feel Good Groove Is In The Heart Mash Up Corn On The Cob Fresh Off The Grill Edition Ghost-Ass Special Remix Medley)

Jerry Is In The Heart
I,, hopes the weekend finds you. To help you through these critical days, especially Saturday and Sunday; I, who many call, presents a medley mash up. To be clear, medley mash up is a term ‘the’ kids use.

And now, a mash up.

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“Finder’s Keepers Medley” by MANY ARTISTS Vs. CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD

Finders Keepers Medley
You take an obscure instrumental by ’70s soul act, Chairmen Of The Board, and then you take snippets of other songs, and now you have a mash up medley.

Now, that mash up.

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Never Can Say Goodbye Runnin’ With The Devil by VAN HALEN Vs. THE JACKSON 5 (And How It Happened)

Jackson5-David Lee Roth

So unbelievable, it has to be true.

It was a momentous and historic day for the Jackson 5. It was June 1970 in the Hitsville West Studio in L.A. The boys were putting the finishing touches on their latest and greatest single, “Never Can Say Goodbye”. In 1971, it would reach #2 on Billboard’s Pop Singles chart, and #1 on Billboard’s Black Singles chart. As the brothers prepared to add Michael’s lead vocals, a faceless man slowly materialized in the studio and began to what could best be described, sing.

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