The North Korean Shepherd And The Wolf

North Korean Shepherd and the wolf

As it was, the sun set succinctly at 5 PM. Fuck Eliot, February is the cruelest month. Not enough daylight, too much night. Not enough days, too much night. This short month breeds hate and broad ambiguity, Eliot is an overrated elitist. You need to hate, but what? T.S. Eliot? Darkness? The brutal cold wind that slaps your stoic North Korean face upside the head? The stench of burning rubber that is no longer offensive? It just is. You can only hate and hate and hate.

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The Shepherd And The North Korean Wolf


It was 4:20 PM, and the shepherd, a true creature of habit, took a long drag of his marijuana stick, which he endearingly called “mary j-bone”. Black resin ran down the paper to his fingertips as it hissed, the cherry glowing bright orange, almost red. He crossed his eyes, half for effect, and half because the weed that he was smoking was pure dynamite: Howie’s Retro Maui Wowie. He spit on his fingers, and doused the joint. He put the saliva moist roach in the plastic wrapper of a box of Marlboros. The roach joined three others. They resembled insects trapped between the cellophane and iconic red, white and black of the box.

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The Fox And The Crow


The crow was happy as it flew above the trees, circling, looking for the perfect tree. The same could not be said for the trout caught in the crow’s beak, flopping about, trying to survive, but in fact, dying with each spasm and flutter. The crow finally spotted the perfect branch, where it could eat the scaly twitch in the sun. It was hoping for a solar ceviche effect minus the citrus fruit. For the sake of closure, the trout’s last thoughts were, “I wish I had spent more time with my children.”

The crow hummed a fish song loudly. [Homonym alert: not to be confused with Phish, a popular jam band.] It was a joyous song that contained the lyrics, “Gonna eat me some fish that I just snatched with my beak, the best damn fish I’ve eaten in weeks.” The melody was so catchy, it made the big crossover and was known throughout the animal kingdom.

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