The Dog And The Robot


Dogbot or Robo-Dog? 

In the last surviving beach in a not too distant future, a dog dropped a tattered Frisbee® at the feet of the rusty old robot. The sea air was not good for the robot’s surface. The dog was dripping wet, and out of breath. For clarity’s sake, the dog will here forth be referenced as Panty.

Panty was of an awkward breed, the boxshund, a horrific beast with the face of a boxer and the body of a dachshund. It hyperventilated heavily, making it look like a brown hot dog inflating and deflating in a microwave oven on the verge of bursting. Also, its tongue was hanging out of the side of its mouth. It decided this would be the best time to shake off the excess water. Satisfied, it lifted its back leg and peed all over the robot.

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I’m No Scientist But


Putting the scientist back into the Scientologist.

Trump is a fucking idiot. It could be the lack of oxygen to his tiny impotent brain. It could be a genealogy thing. Once again, I’m no scientist, but I do know this: he will die like everything else does, especially old assholes like him. As I’ve discussed before, no one will attend his funeral, so we have that going. Most of America, approximately 70%, will rejoice like the Munchkins did when the Wicked Witch died in The Wizard Of Oz.

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