I’m No Scientist But


Putting the scientist back into the Scientologist.

Trump is a fucking idiot. It could be the lack of oxygen to his tiny impotent brain. It could be a genealogy thing. Once again, I’m no scientist, but I do know this: he will die like everything else does, especially old assholes like him. As I’ve discussed before, no one will attend his funeral, so we have that going. Most of America, approximately 70%, will rejoice like the Munchkins did when the Wicked Witch died in The Wizard Of Oz.

I’m no linguist, but every time I hear his voice spew vomit words of ignorance and racism, it is apparent that his non-intellect, which is only capable of lying, is composed of sheer idiocy and that gross shit accumulating around your kitchen sink. His limited vocabulary only reveals how vacuous he wants to be. Sadly, this is the pinnacle of his ill-earned arrogance.

I’m no zoologist, but Trump is a pig with gonorrhea.

I’m no sociologist, but my hatred grows exponentially for anyone who displays behavior that is Trump-like. For every self-important dick that refuses to signal when making a left turn; for every twat that cuts in line because they are so privileged; for every simpleton who refuses to believe facts; we must exorcise Trump from our society, or at least reprimand these monsters before they become an expensive mold removal project.

I’m no child psychologist, but I can see that Trump has no idea what maturity means. He is a petty, 1st grade reading level slab of rotting beef. Also, that child of his, Barron, is going to be a serious piece of hell.

I’m no mechanic, but Trump is a lemon. He is the worst vehicle ever made. It would be criminal of you not to warn your friends.

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