Trumpsplaining 9/11


“There’s a reason they call it the dark side. Think about it. They claim they’re like us, but in actuality, how could they be? Their pigment is so much darker. It’s like they bathe in their own shithole land. Sick! It’s sick!” The words of a lazy out of touch white power wielding fatso.

Thank you. Thank you. Good evening, ladies and germs. See what I did there? Double negative. Today, we honor the brave Americans who have fallen on that tragic day, 9/11, seventeen years ago. By the way, I’d like to remind all of you, not on my watch. Not on my watch. Not many people know this, but we remember that day fondly because it’s when America came together. Even the fake media got that right. They pretty much had to. But oh, that nasty fake media, don’t get me started. And what about that sleepy Chuck Todd? He’s so sleepy-eyed, he needs some strong coffee or something, am I right?

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