The Terms They Are A-Changin’

trump's white house.jpg

Trump’s White Male House makes sure he umlauts his e’s as well as dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Image Source.

For a while now, I have referred to Trump as current president of the United States himself dictator wannabe, but that ends today. As you can see from my opening sentence, he will simply be called Trump, just like his gaudy pointless towers. It’s a shame they are still a source of income. I look forward to the day those ugly edifices are beautified with boards indicating closure and bankruptcy.

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Fraught With Ambiguity


THIS IMAGE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS STORY! This is just my way of saying Rachel Maddow with a mustache is not a bad thing.

Ezekiel Hammett, sometimes known as Zeke, Zekey, E-Z, or Hambone, put his Cleveland Indians cap on backwards, slapped on too much cologne, and checked his phone. As expected, nothing; but it doesn’t kill you to check, right? He was moving slower than usual. He was still recovering from the constant drain that comes from losing a life-long friend.

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Like The Fool Who Is Parted From His Money, Too Soon

Blank Profile Face

This man. This dick. This ridiculous dick of a man. Why, he oughtta…

He deserved to die. No one was made more aware of this than the man himself. When he looked in the mirror, all he could see staring back was something that was the complete opposite of decent. Typically, the word would be indecent, but it doesn’t carry the weight of the gritty underbelly he resides in. It doesn’t define how he is the shit that clumps to the bottom of ones shoe at a formal event, or the last piece of vomit stuck in ones teeth. After a quick introspection, he merely shrugs his shoulders before walking away.

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“September Video Games” by LANA DEL REY Vs. EARTH WIND & FIRE

Lana - EWF
It must be a lot easier to live a guilt-free life when you have no empathy. Any person with a sense of dignity would never behave like this orange-skinned baboon. Let me retract that last comparison, baboons are smarter and take offense when pissed upon. I could say orange-skinned amoeba, considering their tiny brain capacity, but even the simple one-celled organism takes pride in how they present themselves.

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