“S & M P.I.M.P. Clint Eastwood Wants To Know What Superstition Is” by GORILLAZ & FOREIGNER & STEVIE WONDER & RIHANNA Vs. 50 CENT

If this was a battle royale instead of a mash up, I’m pretty sure 50 Cent would win. He is the Chuck Norris of hip hop.

And now a mash up.
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The Legion Of Every Single Superhero

Camerawoman and the rest of the superheroes

Camerawoman and the rest of these superheroes were at the celebration. Source.

It was extravagant, bordering on excessive, but there would be no argument, it was much deserved. For the first time ever, the world experienced fifty straight days of peace thanks to the efforts of every single superhero.  The acting leader, Party Girl was quick to suggest a celebration. Cautious Kid wanted to interject, but honorary superhero, Smokey Robinson, was first to blurt out as well as sing in that distinctive ultra tenor, “I second that motion, baby.”

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Shower To The People, Right On


Sometimes we forget to shower, and sometimes we shower to forget. Sometimes while we take a shower, it’s like Russian roulette. Source.

Mary Gergitz was shocked to find herself under a running lukewarm shower. Furthermore, she was naked. She instinctively covered herself with her thin arms. How did she get here? She was compelled to wash her face. Why not? She was in the shower.

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Unique, Oblique, And Greek Bleak: A Choose Your Own Adventure


The only thing more exciting than a flow chart is a flow chart on fire or in the process of being crumpled.

Welcome to Sungmokoo.com’s choose your own adventure. For those of you not in the literary loop of reading gimmicks, choose your own adventure is a narrative where the reader answers multiple-choice questions to obtain one of many probable storylines. And now, “Unique, Oblique, And Greek Bleak.”

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