“Straight Up Remixed And Mashed Up” by MANY ARTISTS Vs. PAULA ABDUL

At the risk of DJ-splaining, a medley is a varied mixture of people or things; a miscellany, like a bag of frozen mixed vegetables or a 4 AM tavern. (Remember those?)

To mash up is to mix or combine two or more different elements, like a bag of miscellaneous meat parts and a bag of frozen Asian style vegetables. In this case, by definition, the following qualifies as both a medley and a mash up.

And now, a mash up.

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“Gold Dust Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)” by CRYSTAL WATERS Vs. FLEETWOOD MAC

Mac - WatersIt is eerie how much Crystal Waters actually sounds like Stevie Nicks within the context of this song. Eerier, Stevie Nicks sounds like a chorus of eight to ten squeaking doors.

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“Fly Me To The Moon, Gypsy Woman” by FRANK SINATRA Vs. CRYSTAL WATERS

Sinatra - Waters
That lady, she’s a tramp, la da dee da da da, she’s homeless, in fact, la da dee da da da. Luck be a lady tonight, for she is an outrageous cur. Fly me to the moon, gypsies, tramps and thieves.

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