“Fly Me To The Moon, Psycho Killer” by TALKING HEADS Vs. FRANK SINATRA

Sinatra - Talking Heads
David Byrne, one time member of Talking Heads, is currently touring America promoting his latest release, “American Utopia”. I recommend that you get out of your safety bubble and give it a listen. It’s good.

Frank Sinatra, one time member of The Rat Pack, is currently decomposing. He has been doing so since 1998. He was nicknamed “Old Blue Eyes”, back when he was amongst the living. If I had to surmise, his blue eyes are gone and replaced by maggots and worms.

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“Fly Me To The Moon, Gypsy Woman” by FRANK SINATRA Vs. CRYSTAL WATERS

Sinatra - Waters
That lady, she’s a tramp, la da dee da da da, she’s homeless, in fact, la da dee da da da. Luck be a lady tonight, for she is an outrageous cur. Fly me to the moon, gypsies, tramps and thieves.

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