Evoke This! “Justify My Father Figure Thug” by JAY-Z Vs. GEORGE MICHAEL

JayZ-George Michael

In 2003, Jay-Z released The Black Album. Flash forward to 2018, and I have mashed up the whole album under the working title “The Bumblebee Project”. I am yellow, Jay-Z is black, bumblebees are yellow and black, but so are the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here, for your entertainment, is the final installment, number 11 of 14. Collect them all.
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“Let’s Groove On My 1st Song” by JAY-Z Vs. EARTH, WIND & FIRE

What does Christmas mean to me? It’s a time where everything should be communal and shared like a bathroom or a marijuana joint. A time where Jay-Z can rap while the band, and not the actual elements, Earth, Wind & Fire accompanies him. A time where a baby named Jesus is born in some manger in Bethlehem as three wise men approach with strange presents by merely following a star. A time to avoid shopping for two and a half weeks.

JayZ Earth Wind Fire

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“99 Problems and 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover” by JAY-Z Vs. PAUL SIMON

Sometimes you need a moral compass to guide you in life. Other times, you just need a whimsical mash up. Other times, a decent ham sandwich. That’s why life is so cool, you can have it all.


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“The Look Of Love With A Moment Of Clarity” by JAY-Z Vs. ABC


Make sure the tenterhooks are taut and let’s dry some damn wet clothes. When you’re done with that, let’s talk about Jay-Z’s flow and the ’80s romantic stylings of ABC. Let’s talk about wet blankets drying in the breeze. There are only two songs left to mash up in order to complete Jay-Z’s The Black Album.

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